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Your solution for Prep, Storage, and Logistics Services

eComm Distribution offers a comprehensive range of services to meet your business requirements. From Inventory Storage, Order Fulfillment, Product Prep, LTL Freight Arrangement, etc. We are equipped with the necessary infrastructure and technology to ensure that your products are prepared flawlessly for distribution.

Why Choose eComm Distribution?

Experience & Expertise - Founded by experienced Amazon Sellers who will work directly with you to provide the solutions you need to grow.

Quick Turnaround Time  - If your inventory isn't out the door within 3 business days we offer a 10% discount on your prep costs. 

*Wholesale Shipments Only

Scalability & Flexibility - Enable your company to expand by outsourcing prep and shipping logistics!

Work-Life Balance - Take control of your time by letting us do the leg work.

About Us

eComm Distribution was founded by Mario Meza (left) and Daniel Reed (right) both of whom graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology and had been working in the e-commerce space as a "side hustle" since 2020. 


"After quitting our full time jobs to chase our dream of becoming successful business owners, we began to see that e-commerce and online retail was the way of the future. We dove in head first and it was the most difficult thing we had ever done, but the feeling of happiness when you pursue your passion has been worth every second. We want to help other people experience the same success that we've had and we created this prep center to help others do so." - Daniel Reed & Mario Meza

eComm Distribution's ultimate goal is to help e-commerce sellers scale their business by providing logistics services from product prep to inventory storage.

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