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Amazon FBA Prep

Send us your OA and Wholesale orders directly from your vendor/supplier. We will receive, properly prep and re-package your products

before sending your shipment directly to Amazon to be fulfilled. 

*if you would like us to arrange shipping from your vender/supplier please contact us 


Amazon FBM Order Fulfillment

This service is tailored toward FBM Sellers. We will receive and store your inventory in our warehouse and ship directly to your customers when orders are received. See pricing details below.


Other eCommerce Order Fulfillment

Store your inventory in our warehouse. When you receive an order on a variety of ecommerce platforms including eBay, Walmart, and Shopify stores we will ship directly to your customers. See pricing details below.


Additional Services

- Product Returns

- Amazon FBA Removals

- Inventory Storage

- LTL Freight Logistics

Contact us for further details.

Pricing Details

Amazon FBA Prep

Tiered Pricing:          *for standard sized items only 

$1.50/unit - 0 to 499 units/month

$1.25/unit - 500 to 999 units/month

$1.00/unit - 1,000 to 2,999 units/month

$0.90/unit - 3,000+ units/month

Low Rate FBA "Small & Light" Item Rates:

Item must qualify for Amazon's small and light program. 

$0.50/unit (reach out for detailed pricing on Small & Light bundles)

Bubble Wrapped Item Rates:

If an item requires bubble wrap or bubble wrap is requested, an additional $0.30 per unit will be charged. When sending 1,000+ units per month, this fee drops to $0.25 per unit.

Item Bundle Rates:

Bundles of (5) or less are charged as (2) units based on our Tiered Pricing rates. Polybags are not included in bundle prep, see Note 2 below.

Oversize Item Rates:

Any products that will fit less than (5) units in a 25" x 25" x 25" box (which is the largest box Amazon allows for FBA shipments) will be charged bundle pricing per unit. 

**Note 1 - Items that are extremely oversize or fragile will be subject to additional fees. Please reach out to us directly for fee estimation before sending these types of inventory.**

**Note 2 - Polybags for single units or item bundles will be charged a fee of $0.20 per polybag.**

**Note 3 - Outbound LTL shipments will be charged a palletization fee of $30 per pallet.**

Amazon FBM Order Fulfillment

Other eCommerce Order Fulfillment

Standard Item Rate: $3.50 per order

Oversize Item Rate: $5.00 per order

Fragile Item Rate: $4.00 per order

Heavy (over 25 lbs): Add $3.00 per order

Pricing is determined on a client-by-client basis. Contact us for an estimate. Pricing will be based on product attributes and eCommerce platform.

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